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It goes without saying that we exactly are the true persons that the Creator intended us to be. Yet people may argue of our imperfections. Why are we not like others who seem to make everything gold from their own hands- those people who excel. Those who seem to have become “above mortal”.

It’s true, some people are luckier than others. They get all the winnings – all the fortunes that life can offer. But keep in mind that all of us have different burdens and crosses that we must struggle and carry through.

We can’t say that we should have been more beautiful or more affluent, more artistic or more famous. We all have our individualities and there really exists no comparison between anyone of us. Thinking that we weren’t created equally? That’s not true. Every event and everything in the world is perfectly made to fit each one of us. Only, we muddle ourselves and grab things that are not rightfully ours.

We ignore these truths though, along with other truths that are graciously opening themselves to us. And it bothers us to think that we are not placed on equal footing with others.

We cannot stay forever stooping over another person’s fence. We have our own fences to be bothered about and that my friend is ours. Your own. You have all the gifts, you have all the talents and skills that you can develop. You have been given enough resources so as to help lift you from the ground that you are embracing.

Looking at your neighbor’s fence will only discourage you. This in the end might lead to hating yourself and altogether forget what you are capable of doing.

You are saying that you have no confidence to do all those stuffs. Let me tell you, the self-confidence you are claiming that you do not have is also given to you. It’s just that you have covered it with insecurities, fears and all the useless and negative ions that you can slap into your own personality.

Self-criticism is good when it empowers your self-confidence. It helps when it points you what is wrong with what you are doing. But when it gets to the point that you have to succumb into its negative impacts, well its time to evaluate if criticizing truly helps.

Don’t be mean and sit inside yourself saying that you are not good or you can do lesser things as compared with others.

Ask yourself, what truly makes you unconfident?

We all have our fears, alright. But some people are good at conquering their own fears. Again, don’t think that they are guided better than you are. We are given equal guidance, enough to let us see the bright sides of each event. It all lies in your perception of things though. If you are inclined with seeing the dark sides and in inviting the negative thoughts, you are sure to thread the road to insecurities and low self-esteem.

In becoming confident of yourself, you only have to see the b-sides of things, the brighter sides. You are the best in doing things your own way. You can excel if you choose to and want to. You have your own road to travel and you need not look on someone else’s road. You have yourself, your “YOU”.

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